"JALLIKATU" is an Adrenaline Crazed Chaotic Modern Celluloid Masterpiece!

Click now! India's "JALLIKATU" is an Adrenaline Crazed Chaotic Modern Celluloid Masterpiece!

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Hola Dannie aqui,Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing a film that is inarguably original and fantastic! "Jallikattu" is a non-stop adrenaline fused journey into chaos, the film grips you by the throat leaving you gasping for air. Director Lijo Jose Pellissery harnesses a unique vision and utilization of cinematography, geography, choreography. The use film and sound editing disturb and delight the viewer on a very psychological level.

This film is an experience. It whisks you away to a rural community in India that like most revolves around the most basic human need, food. The opening of "Jallikattu" immediately introduces the viewer to several characters and their day to day routines, the editing throughout this builds to finally a moment of calm. The village is silently a slumber when the camera guides us to three men in the woods set to slaughter a water buffalo for a local man's daughters engagement party. The slaughter being something repeatedly shown to us throughout the almost "groundhog day" opening. However, this time, when the butcher raises his mallet of death, the ropes holding the massive beast slip through his comrades' fingers, and so begins the primal madness that is the film "JALLIKATTU."

The bull proceeds to exact revenge on behalf of all his fallen buffalo brethren by terrorizing the fuck out of this village! This bull has horns and uses them to rip through farms, orchards, churches, shops, homes, and humans. The villagers form a maniacal mob set on trapping and killing the monstrous mouthwatering mass

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