Exclusive Reveal: Alfred E. Neuman Becomes Pennywise on the Cover of MAD Magazine #10!

Despite what you may have heard, MAD Magazine is still alive and kicking, with upcoming issues being sold in comic stores and direct to consumers via subscription. Arriving later this month, for starters, MAD Magazine Issue #10 features all original content, and upcoming issues will be a blend of occasional new work and classic “best of MAD” material.

Featured on the cover of #10 is a spoof of IT, illustrated by artist Jason Edmiston. The art imagines MAD mascot Alfred E. Neuman as Pennywise, emerging Ghoulies-style from a toilet!

We’re excited to debut not only that Issue #10 cover art today but also one of the fun features that’ll be found inside the mag: “A MAD Look at Alfred Hitchcock Movies.”

Illustrated by award-winning artist Sergio Aragonés, “A MAD Look at Alfred Hitchcock Movies” is a comical spin on classic movies from the award-winning director.

The issue is out to subscribers on September 28th and in comic stores October 8th.